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Leconfield Primary : An Active Curriculum

In every sense of the word Leconfield Primary offers a curriculum that is active. Daily sessions of physical activity are compulsory. The school offers a wide range of sports in curriculum time that includes football, rugby, cricket, hockey, netball, tennis, athletics, rounders and Fun & Fitness.
The school buys in coaching in tennis, rugby, Fun & Fitness and hockey. We have achieved Activemark Gold which is a nationally acknowledged award for the standard of our curriculum and provision.

Children who demonstrate an aptitude for sport are encouraged to join school and local clubs and thereby develop their skills further.                                         

In classrooms we are shaping our subject activities to accommodate all types of learner. There are many ways in which we learn. Some of us are more stimulated by visual aspects, some prefer to learn through activity and others blossom through the use of auditory senses. A variety of all these learning styles produces the most productive results and that is the approach used at Leconfield School.

Great use is made of interactive whiteboards and our pupils are given activities and experiences that call upon the use of IT and all these learning styles.

Our school is part of the Healthy Schools Award scheme and our ‘active’ approach to learning emphasises the importance we place upon healthy minds in healthy bodies.

We have developed the provision of Dance across both Key Stages. Our pupils have taken part in many Dance Festivals and the standard of their performance has been of an outstanding level.

We have a Drama production each year that is eagerly awaited by the whole community. There are regular opportunities throughout the term for children  to show their talents in music, dance and drama. The school choir has gone from strength to strength and is regularly invited to sing at local community events.

In summary the development of a culture that expects children to become involved in regular physical and creative activity is a main priority in Leconfield Primary School. It is a culture that encourages team spirit – a working together to produce something of quality … an appreciation of our efforts and those of others … a more tolerant attitude to those around us.

No wonder the poet said ‘there is no time to stop and stare’!

But mainly it is FUN – and exciting and cool!! Now what child could resist that!!??

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